The ManKind Initiative regularly works with the media (press, TV, radio and online) to highlight the issues facing male victims of domestic abuse and can supply an experienced spokesperson (Chairman), statistics and case studies (notice needed for case studies, if possible).

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30 key facts about male victims

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (February 2017) – new

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (Nov 2016) – old

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (Sep 2016) – old

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (Mar 2016) – old

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ManKind Initiative and male victims in the news

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ManKind #violenceisviolence Video:

Real Men Do Cry Video

Watch Sky News Reviewers think a man being stabbed can be treated as funny and also watch Jeremy Kyle admonish his audience.

Press Releases

June 2017New Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner has to believe in an inclusive approach (Telegraph online)

May 2017: Domestic Violence Commissioner must give equal recognition and support to male victims of domestic abuse

May 2017: Judge out of touch on Lavinia Woodward case

May 2017: Charity calls on BBC and producers to apologise and delete the ‘Mammy of the Week’ from All Round Mrs Brown’s episode

February 2017: New Domestic Violence and Abuse Act must lead to full and equal recognition for male victims

February 2017: No London Refuges for Men and Bromley Council’s Contract

December 2016: Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare’s Law) and male victims – only 6% of men use scheme

December 2016: Police Authorities Press Release Victim Ratios (2012 to 2015)

November 2016: The ManKind Initiative Domestic Abuse Conference 2016

October 2016: Charity launch “Silence Has A Sound” domestic abuse video to highlight the plight of male victims

October 2016: Peter Hook’s domestic abuse revelations will help more men come forward and change society’s attitudes

August 2016: “Real Men Do Cry” Documentary Launched by the ManKind Initiative Highlights the Physical and Mental Effects of Domestic Abuse on Male Victims

August 2016: ManKind Initiative opens new drop-in service for male victims in Taunton

August 2016: ManKind Initiative joins the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign

May 2016: Lancashire’s male victims of domestic abuse

March 2016: David Edwards

December 2015: New Law (Serious Crime Act 2015) Heralds New Era Where Domestic Abuse No Longer Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed.

November 2015: Doncaster hosts national domestic abuse conference for male victims: “Experiences, Services and Solutions”

October 2015: Statement on the future of the ManKind Initiative helpline

July 2015: ManKind sign letter to Director of Public Prosecutions

July 2015: Clare’s Law (Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme) – Only used by men on 4% of occasions

June 2015: Ian McNicholl article – treat all victims the same (Daily Telegraph)

September 2014: ManKind criticises lack of criticism of Kelly Brook

May 2014: #ViolenceisViolence Video Launched

May 2013: Soap Awards winner Coronation Street thanked by Charity

August 2012 – More needs to be done to help men come forward

May 2012 – Charity welcomes Corrie’s domestic abuse storyline.

February 2012 – Authorities must do more to help male victims come forward

October 2011: Humberside_final

7 January 2011: Welsh Equalities Commission’s domestic abuse campaign shows it is sitting on its hands when it comes to male victims

14 October 2010: How can their be Justice for all Victims when a Judge calls a Male Victim Weak

16th July 2010: The media’s invisible men: domestic abuse victims

7 December 2007: Superdrug slammed for selling male punchbag