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Helping men escape
domestic abuse

Directory of Services

Freephone 0808 800 1170

Directory of Services

Helpline 0808 800 1170

For Professionals

For Professionals

The ManKind Initiative runs a number of support (accredited training and presentations), information and advisory services for those who wish to support male victims of domestic abuse which can be tailored to the particular needs of those organisations and professionals. This is the ManKind Initiative Domestic Abuse Service run by the charity’s team of Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) and Domestic Abuse Service Managers.

These support, information and advisory services are aimed at:

  • Police Forces (including Police and Crime Commissioners)
  • NHS Services including NHS Trusts, Hospitals and Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Housing Associations, Departments and Organisations
  • Local Councils (including Social Services, Community Safety Departments and Commissioning Professionals)
  • Crown Prosecution Service, Court Services, Probation Services, Solicitors and other Legal Professionals
  • Employers (we are a member of the Advisory Panel on the Employers Domestic Abuse Initiative)
  • Domestic Abuse Forums and Maracs
  • Domestic Homicide Review Chairs and Editors
  • Charities and other Providers of Domestic Abuse Services
  • Counsellors
  • Welfare and Community Groups

The support, which can be tailored to meet an organisation’s needs, ranges from:

  • Training (CPD Accredited)
  • Presentations and Conferences
  • Membership of Domestic Homicide Reviews, Forums and Maracs
  • Service Formation / Creation
  • Communications and Publicity Campaigns
  • General Advice, Support and Information

This support is delivered by the charity’s team of qualified IDVAs, Domestic Abuse Service Managers and Communication Professionals.

If you wish to contact the ManKind Initiative Domestic Abuse Service, please do so via:

Email: Telephone: 01823 334229 (answerphone)